Back Pain and Weight Loss

I wanted to let you know that I have been doing very well since our phone eft session. The next morning I woke up to A STRESSFULL situation, I felt a bit stiff and a slight backache. I started tapping, I got on line and found other people tapping for stress and backaches and reversals. I
tapped away and the pain passed. The next 2 mornings were the same. I tapped away on the
stress issues that we discussed. I have been mostly pain free and back to normal since our session.

I am trying this for rapid healthy weight loss now. So far, I have lost 5 lbs in 5 days!

Thank you for giving me permission to combine tapping and prayer. That seems to be
very effective
for me.


Infection - Food Poisoning

Hi Donna,

I received the Colostrum ( yesterday, and I am thrilled to get it. I think it
will really help me repair some of the damage done to my digestive tract.

By the way, the Homozon is an amazing product. I was so sick, and I really didn't know whether anything would help me to heal this on my own. Although it was a rough treatment (for me), I could tell right away that it was helping me turn the corner. I started it a little over a week ago, and I am significantly better. It isn't the only thing I am doing, but I have no doubt that it was responsible for a very large part of the improvement - I believe most of it.

This all started with what was diagnosed as severe food poisoning about 4 weeks ago. This lasted about 6 days and I was away from home and pretty much unable to really help myself. The trauma, I think, led to severe yeast overgrowth and Clostridia-difficile infection. I had that once before (years ago), in the hospital, so , I recognized it when it returned. Even in my misery, I felt determined not to use Flagyl, because of the liver effects. Homozon was the thing that saved me from needing it. The fact that you responded so quickly really helped me too. Thank you!

Allentown, PA



I believe that the Homozon has a number of benefits for my autistic son. For years, he's had violent
outbursts on an almost daily basis, biting himself, hitting himself, breaking things, pressing his chin into your chin with all his strength. The violence is something most people don't know about. Most people think of 'Rain Man' autism, but that hasn't been the case with my son. A lot of autistic kids have this issue.

The Homozon has calmed him down to such an extent that he rarely has a violent outburst now, and when he does, if you give him some room, it goes away quickly. I believe it is due to the 'laxative affect' which has helped tremendously with his chronic constipation. Also, magnesium (the base that the oxygen is bound to) also has a calming affect. Third, I believe the oxygen is helping to kill off candida in his gut, and help balance his intestinal flora. Fourth, he now seems to have more energy and is happier.

I have been reading about hyperbaric oxygen treatments for autistic kids to help get oxygen to their brains to help heal the damage to their brains, so I felt this was a viable alternative to that treatment. So far, I couldn't be happier. I'm getting my son back (he's 17 now, 185 lbs.) and I'm very hopeful for the future.


Back Pain

Wow, Donna, I am amazed. I just cancelled my back surgery because I HAVE NO PAIN. The only purpose of the surgery was to try to give me some pain relief, but the doctor said there were no guarantees. Now, after only one week on the products you told me about, I am completely pain free.
This is hard for me to believe. I really thought there were no answers. I'm so glad Rosemarie sent me to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bob Sacks
Corona Del Mar, California